With so many applications available online for estate search, it can be a confusing journey. Buying and selling apps have gone much beyond just explaining the property. Finding a multifaceted application that helps you understand other factors like depreciation, tax rate, loan rate and such is also important, and if not considered, could lead to an unsatisfactory purchase.

For this purpose, we have compiled a list of applications for you that are well rounded, efficient, and popular for good reason. These are some of the best applications that you will find for your home searching venture:

Property Calculator Australia

This is a straightforward one. Property calculator helps you calculate how much your dream property may cost. This includes the costs of loan, duties, deposits and much more, depending on the information you have provided in looking for this property and the type of payment method you settle for. Property calculator takes care of this for you and any other factors if implied.


Recorded to be Australia’s highest-rated estate application, Domain is a must-have for property lovers and seekers. It features extremely personal customisation and tons of features that help you find your most suitable property with minimum effort.


A start-up that has been in the news for a while, Soho distinguishes itself with some unique features. Unlike other apps that give you a list of properties you might be interested in, Soho helps you interact with those who know these properties. Soho brings an interpersonal relationship to your house hunting venture, and you get to meet industry experts and people interested in the same kind of property as you.


Rent.com.au is an essential app for those looking to find property owners and good property. If you are looking for a place to stay and seek to find a renter, this is the app to use. It allows you to filter the places you’re most likely to find comfortable based on what you want your home to contain. Rent.com.au is one of the best apps for finding a good, rented home.


Realestate.com.au, as the name suggests, is made to help you find the best property across Australia. Using necessary filters, you can find your perfect kind of home and book an agent as well. An advantage the app provides is allowing the customer to receive notifications on your favourite locations and updates on property that you might like based on your mentioned factors.

Mortgage Home Loan Calculator

While its purpose comes in handy after a purchase or sale might’ve been made, it is still a mighty useful application to have with you. The app comes with a bunch of calculators that help you calculate your deposit amount, the ETA, the interest rate, your credit payment, etc.


Homely is an essential app. It is extremely efficient in its results, finding results that are quite accurate to your vision of the perfect piece of property. There is substantial focus on the interiors of the home as well, as Homely allows you to navigate your way through by customising the washrooms, bathrooms, roofs etc. A sidebar also shows you the most recently sold-out properties and those that have been auctioned away, thereby keeping you informed about everything happening in the property world.


A go-to app for many in Australia, Realestateview.com.au is one of the classics. It is very effective in the results it presents and allows you to save and keep track of those properties that you find attractive.


Houzz is as stylish as its name suggests. This peppy app is very innovative and very customer friendly. One of the most used apps for property, Houzz keeps its interface clean and friendly. Finding houses and renovation and design contacts has never been easier.

BMT Tax Calc

BMT Tax Calc is an app that must be a part of your stock. BMT helps you calculate a very important factor in property buying and selling – its depreciation. The professionals at BMT analyse the information presented to them and provide you with an estimated amount, after which you can make up your mind about that particular property.

Though you can find the ideal properties on these sites, it is always best to hire a professional property conveyancer to handle the negotiations and paperwork for a smoother transaction. As a purchaser, you should get in touch with a licensed conveyancer and get the sale contract pre-reviewed. The conveyancer can explain the contract and also negotiate any changes to the contract if needed. They can also make some relevant searches on your behalf if needed. SD Conveyancing is a reliable property conveyancer in Sydney offering a range of conveyancing services. Contact us today for more information on our services.