Licensed Property Conveyancing Service in North Parramatta – Buying, Selling & Transfer Property with SD Conveyancing

When it comes to real estate transactions, conveyancing is an important part of the process. Conveyancing is a legal term that refers to the transfer of ownership or an interest in a property. It involves the process of transferring ownership or rights in a property from one party to another. Though essential, it consists of complicated steps while buying or selling a property. Therefore, most people seek out the help of expert conveyancers to streamline the process of conveyancing. With several years of experience and property conveyancing specialists, SD Conveyancing is often considered one of the leading and best property conveyancers in North Parramatta. A property conveyancing transaction is constituted in these vital stages:

  • Pre-advice

  • Pre-auction contracts

  • Pre-contract

  • Post-completion

These stages cover all the work that is required in the process of buying or selling a property such as updating a title, subdividing the land or registering. They also cover steps involving registration of property and transfer of loans. It is often recommended that the conveyancer for the Purchaser and the Vendor should not be the same person. This is to avoid any conflict of interests that may arise down the line.  A conveyancer at the Purchaser’s end would assist in the following ways:

  • Would extensively check the contract and provide sound legal advice before one signs the contract that is legally binding
  • Offer clients an opportunity to discuss their financial situation (if necessary)
  • Completely safeguard the interests of the Purchaser before signing the contract
  • Physically attend the signing of the contract in order to ensure that no fact is left unexplored in the contract
  • Attend the signing of mortgage documents, and other necessary documents
  • Assist clients through all the settlement procedures

Meanwhile, on the contrary, a conveyancer at the Vendor’s side commits to the following set of duties:

  • Help clients to prepare and organise a legally binding contract
  • Assist clients to navigate and review any necessary special conditions put forth by the Purchaser before selling the property
  • Property conveyancers ensure that the property complies with all the necessary council requirements. This is done by obtaining an S.149 (Council) Certificate.
  • Obtain a sewerage diagram for the client prior to the sale
  • Explain the several easement issues

As a leading expert in the field of property conveyancing, we often advise clients to be up to speed on the major differences between residential and commercial property conveyancing. Commercial property conveyancing is when there are transactions involving business premises, such as a shop, warehouse, or office. Most often than not, these businesses are set up as limited companies, sole traders, or partnerships. On the other hand, residential property conveyancing involves clients who are looking to buy or sell a residential space such as a flat or house.

Other Conveyancing Services in North Parramatta – Buy Off the Plan Property, Pre-Purchase Review, and Property Settlement

As a specialist in property conveyancing in North Parramatta, SD Conveyancing provides services that go above and beyond the typical real estate transaction. Here are some of the services we offer:

Property Conveyancer
  • Contract Review: Our experts review the contract and provide written feedback and answer all the queries regarding the contract and conveyancing. Whether it be the Purchaser’s end or the Vendor’s end, we help clients negotiate the terms and conditions.
  • Refinance Property: The licensed conveyancers at SD Conveyancing often give out sound legal as well as financial advice to help keep all costs to a minimum. They often liaise with the bank in order to assist with the mortgage papers. Furthermore, they also liaise with the bank to ensure that the settlement is complete.
  • Documentation: Make documentation for joint venture agreements.
  • Help clients deal with land development and subdivisions

Buying off the plan simply implies a situation where one enters into a contract to acquire a property like flats, houses, and apartments prior to the completion of the construction of the proposed residential or commercial space. This can also be used to describe the transaction prior to the registration of the plan of subdivision. SD Conveyancing offers clients a pre-purchase review, which is essentially a comprehensive report on the submitted contract for sale. Its purpose is to comment on matters relating to the title as well as any unusual special conditions included by the Vendor. In addition, it includes a simple description of the general Terms and Conditions found in a Contract of Sale in North Parramatta.

As a leading property conveyancing firm in North Parramatta, SD Conveyancing have experts who help clients to navigate the complexities of property settlement. A property settlement is a term used to describe the process of transferring property ownership from one owner to another, including in situations of family and divorce property settlement. It is the crucial last step to selling a property.

What Sets Us Apart From Others in Terms of Property Conveyancing Service in North Parramatta?

SD Conveyancing is one of the top firms specialising in conveyancing in North Parramatta. We have licensed experts who have years of experience. Our experts ensure that each client is provided with services tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, we offer advice on fixed legal fees. SD Conveyancing is committed to continuing the professional development as well as training of the team in order to stay up to speed with the updated law. Listed below are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • Fixed professional fees and detailed costs

  • Licensed conveyancing experts

  • Structured processes

For more information, call our team at SD Conveyancing on 0432 599 373 or email us at Besides North Parramatta, we also offer conveyancing service in Quaker Hill and nearby suburbs.