Conveyancing Seven Hills – Licensed Property Conveyancer for Buying, Selling & Transferring Property

Conveyancing refers to the legal process of organising and preparing the documentation required for the legal transfer of property. It is one of the most complicated as well as crucial aspects of buying and selling a property. Most people in Seven Hills typically turn to expert property conveyancers in order to streamline the process of conveyancing. SD Conveyancing is one of the leading and best conveyancers in Seven Hills with vast experience under its wings. It is important to note that a typical conveyancing transaction consists of the following main stages:

  • Pre-advice

  • Pre-auction contracts

  • Pre-contract

  • Post-completion

Any work required in the process of buying or selling a property, updating a title, subdividing land, registering the property, or transfer of loans are included in these steps. Essentially, a licensed conveyancer for the Purchaser and the Vendor should not be the same person so as to avoid any conflict of interests that may arise. Therefore, a conveyancer at the Purchaser’s end would perform the following set of duties:

  • They will conduct extensive research on the property and its title. This may include checking for easements, type of title, and any other information regarding the ownership of the property.
  • They can order searches, e.g building and pest reports, strata searches, or multi-authority searches on your behalf.
  • They will prepare, organise, and lodge legal documents, such as a memorandum of transfer, vendor disclosure, and a contract of sales.
  • A Purchaser’s Conveyancer will also evaluate and tabulate for any adjustments in rates and taxes, stamp duties, and other financial obligations.
  • An expert property conveyancer will act on a Purchaser’s behalf in order to settle the property. This is done by offering valuable advice regarding final payments made at the bank or financial institution.
  • They will represent the interest of the Purchaser with a Vendor or their agent.

On the other hand, a Conveyancer at the Vendor’s side takes up the following duties:

  • Fill out legal forms and documents
  • Conduct necessary research to confirm that the Vendor is a legitimate owner
  • Prepare the contract of sale put forth by the Vendor along with the disclosure statement in order to identify any unusual clauses that may raise red flags
  • Ensure that the property meets the council standards
  • Give sound advice about the conditions that could protect one during the process
  • Arrange for any assistance in finances (if necessary)
  • Make necessary arrangements to pay off deposits and rates and charges or land tax adjustments.
  • Discover if any government authority has a vested interest in the proposed property
  • Research to find if any information is left out that may not have been previously disclosed
  • Represent the interest of the Vendor with the Purchaser by asking questions, finding out information, or by requesting extensions

Furthermore, it is important to be mindful of the major differences between commercial and residential property conveyancing. Commercial property transactions tend to involve business premises, such as a shop, warehouse, or office. These businesses are often set up as limited companies, sole traders, or partnerships. Whereas, residential property conveyancing involves individuals who are looking to buy or sell a residential space such as a flat or house.

Other Conveyancing Services in Seven Hills – Buy off the Plan Property, Pre-Purchase Review, Pre-Auction Review Contracts & Property Settlement

In Seven Hills, we offer clients a wide range of conveyancing services that extend beyond simple property transactions. Some of our many services include the following:

  • Buying and selling a property off the plan such as house, apartments, and flats
  • Helping clients with the filing of mortgages and leasing
  • Help clients settle property (family and divorce property settlement) or building disputes
  • Make documentation for joint venture agreements
  • Document any private property transactions
  • Advice clients about purchasing the property through self-managed superannuation funds
  • Assist clients in navigating caveats, easements, and covenants
  • Help clients deal with land development and subdivisions

Buying off the plan implies a situation in which one enters into the contract to acquire property prior to completion of construction of the residential or commercial space. It can also be prior to the registration of the plan of subdivision. Experts at SD Conveyancing offer clients a pre-purchase contract review. This is a comprehensive report on the submitted contract for sale. It comments on matters relating to the title as well as any unusual special conditions included by the Vendor. Furthermore, it includes a layman’s description of the general Terms and Conditions commonly found in a Contract of Sale in Seven Hills.

SD Conveyancing has licensed conveyancers who help clients to navigate property settlements such as family and divorce property settlement. A property settlement is a term used to describe the very process of transferring property ownership from one owner to another. Typically, it is the crucial last step to selling a property.

Why SD Conveyancing Is Considered as the Property Conveyancing Specialists in Seven Hills?

SD Conveyancing is one of the best firms specializing in conveyancing in Seven Hills. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable experts with years’ worth of experience. We ensure that each client is provided with an individual service, tailored to their specific needs and offer advice on fixed legal fees. Furthermore, SD Conveyancing is committed to continuing the professional development and training of the team in order to stay updated with rules and regulations. We offer:

Property Conveyancer
  • Property dispute conveyancers
  • Conveyancers for landlords
  • Probate and trusts
  • Wills and tax planning
  • Civil partnership dissolution

SD Conveyancing is here to offer quality property conveyancing services in Seven Hills. To know more about our services, call us on 0432 599 373 or email us at Besides Seven Hills, we also offer conveyancing service in Penrith and nearby suburbs.