Attending an auction? About to sign a Contract?

Find Your Conveyancing Cost in Seconds

    Get the Contract reviewed by a Licensed Conveyancer at SD Conveyancing before you commit

    • Once you receive the contract, send it to our team of Licensed conveyancers immediately for review before signing it.
    • Let your mortgage broker or banker know about your intention to purchase a property.
    • We will review the contract thoroughly and will let you know of any loopholes or hidden clauses that are not obvious and that you need to be aware of. We can provide you with some recommendations for amending the contract to your benefit.
    • We will negotiate with the seller on the Contract of Sale before you sign it. If you have already signed the contract, it can be negotiated during the cooling off period.
    • If you are purchasing the property through an auction, it is imperative that you complete the property inspections and negotiations before the contract as there is no cooling off period.
    • If you purchase the property, our contract review cost will be included with our conveyancing quote.

    Find Your Conveyancing Cost in Seconds

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